Blood Pressure Monitor How To Read – Important When Skydiving


Health professionals recommend that people check their blood pressure on a regular basis. Certainly, this is very important for those that have a family history of high blood pressure or heart disease. The blood pressure could be taken at a doctor’s office. However, there are blood pressure monitor devices that people are able to purchase at a retailer and take their own blood pressure in the privacy of their home. Of course, it is also important to understand the blood pressure readings too. Let’s get started.


How To Take Blood Pressure At Home

Of course, the way to take the blood pressure depends heavily on the type of blood pressure monitor that is used. Today, there are several variations of the blood pressure monitor for home use. For example, you could purchase one that is wrapped around the wrist and self inflates. Simply look at the information on the LED monitor to get the blood pressure reading. Some prefer the other model that is wrapped around the upper arm. The cuff inflates automatically on some models. Next, it is a simple matter to read the display to get the blood pressure reading. Once read, remove the cuff and press the deflate button. Note: some models might automatically deflate. Check the instructions packaged with the monitor for more information.


Blood Pressure Monitor How To Read

Certainly, it is important to understand that the blood pressure reading might change over the course of the day. This might be due to a person’s activity level. For example, a person that is resting might have a lower blood pressure reading than a person that was physically active. The blood pressure is also lower while sleeping and higher when stressed. The average blood pressure is about 120/80. In other words, the upper or systolic reading should be lower than 120 in an adult. The lower reading or diastolic should be lower than 80 in an adult. Any readings that are above 120/80 to about 140/90 in an adult reading, are considered high normal blood pressure. Readings that are over 140/90 are considered high blood pressure. Readings that are less than 90/60 are considered low readings. You might have low blood pressure. If you are concerned about your reading, take your blood pressure at different times of the day. Compare the results. Of course, it is important to consult with your doctor for more information on the blood pressure readings.

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Skydive Locations 2016

skydiving locations

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world and skydive at a lot of crazy places. Therefor I decided to put together this list of the best skydiving locations all around the globe. Be aware that these locations are all quite extreme! It’s better to start off at something a bit easier as a beginner. With that said, let’s dive into my top 3 Skydiving Spots in the world!

Skydiving in Dubai

This place is insane, this whole country is insane! One of my best skydive in Dubai memories. The weather and air is so soft and good. It´s hard to explain, but the air feels in a certain way which makes the whole experience very different. I can not recommend you enough to try out this location. Awesome one!
dubai skydiving

Skydiving in New Zealand

I LOVE NEW ZEALAND, that is the only way i can put it. The people here and the skydiving here is perfect! You feel like home when you visit this place and the nature surrounding you is absolutely stunning and beautiful. I could sit hours outside just watching the green hills around me, I must go back before I leave this earth!

New Zealand Skydiving

Australia Sky Diving

Last but absolutely not least on my list is Australia. This country is awesome, i love it. The people here, the food here and the skydiving here is insane. I love how crazy people here are aswell, some of the parachuters i met here surprised me a lot with their crazyness. Complete fearless dudes and girls all of them do solo skydiving in this country, Wow!

Australia Sky Diving